Yeh To Trailer Hai
Drowning myself in this awesome world called Bollywood whereas the real world is drowning me in sorrow

can we appreciate the strong chest, beard, hair and smile game?

Anonymous asked: honey, if there ever was a completely useless fear, it was that one. if all else fails, you can always adopt a child. the experience of being a mother isn't lesser if you didn't give birth to them--I should know, I'm adopted.

I know we can always adopt but I feel like I would be a disappointment to every one. LIke What kind of wife I would be If I cant do one of the things that makes a girl special.Why would someone even wanna marry me? What kind of daughter I would be if I cant expand the blood line. And several other religious reasons. Idk Im maybe over thinking it but yeah its my fear.

But obviously I would adopt If i cnt have a child, I love kids and No matter what happens I want to raise someone up one day, telling them my experience, protecting them, educating them, its been a dream since I was little 

July 23


dear board of education, 
i am too