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Drowning myself in this awesome world called Bollywood whereas the real world is drowning me in sorrow

Manish Malhotra is one of the most celebrated designers in the country and influential personality whose designs reflect the contemporary India.

He is known for his color storytelling and glamorized intricate craftsmanship. Born in Mumbai in 1966, Manish’s journey to the top has been one of a kind. From his inherent fascination for movies, glamour and color to creating a niche for himself as a Bollywood stylist/ Costume Designer and to now being one of the most influential designer’s in the country, Manish created an inimitable path to success.

A self-taught designer, his career started with a Mumbai-based boutique. Simultaneously, he pursued his dream as a Costume designer for the movies, and thus the struggle began. He introduced ‘styling’ in Bollywood as we know it today, a visionary involved in not just creating the clothes but developing the character and working on every part of the look.

His ability to envision a look for the character, true-to life yet creative got him much recognition. Manish marked his first milestone in Styling with the first ever Filmfare award for Costume designing for Rangeela in 1990. Thus began his endeavor in styling. [source]

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Fawad Khan on CNWK


Fawad Khan being all awkward.

Fawad Khan being embaraased at Sonam’s Fangirling.

Fawad Khan just talking in Hindi/ Urdu.

Fawad Khan singing So Gaya Yeh Jahan

Fawad Khan laughing his ass off at the people’s antics

Fawad Khan posing with Daadi

Fawad Khan being called Chikna

Fawad Khan getting kissed by Daadi.

Basically, Fawad Khan




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