Yeh To Trailer Hai
Drowning myself in this awesome world called Bollywood whereas the real world is drowning me in sorrow

Tonight feels like a chori chori chupke chupke :)

October 19


Shahrukh Khan’s German Fans Paid Tribute To Him In A Way You Wouldn’t Believe

This is amazing and it also shows certain things only Srk can pull off, if not it just looks dead creepy 

When you miss a prayer…


When you miss a prayer…

Nothing makes me more mad than when someone says Srk cannot act. Are you blind? have you not seen his movies? Know the difference between acting abilities and choosing scripts that doesnt require acting.

Aamir looks like a puppy but when he smiles he looks like a cat.

today feels like a Koi Mil Gaya day.. so Im gonna watch that now :)


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